Taylor® Lift Trucks – A wise investment for your material handling

Taylor lift trucks are considered an excellent investment. We offer lift trucks in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit every industrial need and budget. Taylor lift trucks have the lowest total operation cost of any lift truck currently on the market.

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Before buying your Taylor lift truck, consider your requirements and make your choice. Look at our current inventory to browse the various features of different models and sizes before you decide which one to buy. Taylor lift trucks are efficient and cost-effective. Each forklift is customized to suit the heavy duty job it is meant to do. Taylor lift trucks are ergonomically designed and engineered for durability and deliver outstanding performance.

At Taylor, we will

After you buy the Taylor lift truck, we will help you maintain it through our excellent forklift service and readily available forklift parts. When you purchase your Taylor lift truck from us, you enjoy quick and dependable service across portions of Texas and New Mexico.

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