New and Used Heavy Duty Forklifts

Heavy duty forklift trucks are used in most industries to maneuver heavy loads and materials. Taylor has an inventory of new and used heavy duty forklifts from which you can select and buy the right heavy duty forklift truck for your specific needs.

Taylor forklifts are considered the most durable and especially popular for the variety in models, size and configuration. Taylor forklifts have the lowest total operating costs, rapid lift speeds, powerful diesel engines, easy steering and electric shifting capacities along with a solid warranty.

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If you are looking for used forklifts in West Texas and New Mexico, call us or check our inventory of Taylor forklifts for the industrial market. We supply to the oil, steel, concrete and other industries that need heavy duty forklifts to manage their work.

Here are the benefits of buying your heavy duty forklift trucks from Taylor Sudden Service:

At Taylor Sudden Service. we are a full service new and used heavy duty forklift factory store, specializing in lift trucks, container handlers used forklifts, forklift rentals and used forklift parts. Call us now for a quote.